The struggle is real

The struggles I have had so far this year have been daunting for me. There are days where I am just overwhelmed, tired, and just plain old frustrated with myself and situations. The one thing I love to do I just cant seem to balance it out with my eight hour job, taking care of kids and a house to maintain just for starters. This has been my biggest challenge on trying to figure out how to do it all. My biggest thing is just not saying no or taking the time for me. Knowing what you want and making time to go after it is the greatest feat of all, I mean where do you draw the line and just sit down and have that big aha moment and have it all magically pop into your head and all of a sudden you know how to navigate all of it.  I give major kudos to the ones out there doing it all and still keeping there sanity intact. It took me taking a PTO day at work to be able to sit down and make two new necklaces and start two new bracelets. That took pretty much all day to do in between school drop off's and pick ups. My dilemma as of now is how to do I manage it all and still be able to do what I love and turn it into something amazing. To the people out there that have the support they need I give you a shout out,  I think that is the biggest thing missing for me I just don't have that support, I am left to do it all and figure it out on my own. In the scheme of things this is what I was able to do today and hope I will be able to finish my bracelets as well. 



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