Down Time it's important

After two days straight of working on pictures, revamping my work area, SEO and tag's and titles for my shop on top of reading The Handmade Entrepreneur By Dani Mari, I have officially hit burnout mode. I was lucky enough to have taken a mini vaca from my full time job outside of the house to do all of this; otherwise I would not of been able to spend all that time working on the essentials. My pictures are nearly done and my work area has a bit more tender love and care that needs to be sorted out, but I take the cues from my mind and body very seriously. When I begin to feel frustrated even just the slightest or doubtful I know that it is time to walk away and re center myself. My way of doing that is some good old comfort food, so that being said tonight's agenda involves Pizza and some spicy hot wings from Hungry Howies and some good old Netflix, I mean even I deserve to get caught up on all the latest trending shows that I seem to miss all of the time. Unfortunately tonight I had to miss the invitation from my brother to go get a tattoo with him and with me being a tattoo virgin I was OK with that; honestly not really in the mood to inflict any kind of pain on my body while in this mood anyway someone might get hurt, no I would never do that, fortunately he is OK with rescheduling for next Friday since his tattoo is a three hour one and would prefer to not have a grumpy sister by his side don't want to ruin a $400.00 moment for him. Hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow and can finish up my to do list and more than likely I am going to have nightmares of the word SEO tonight ahhhhhh. Plan of action will be to find a good enticing movie to get my little rambunctious girls to settle down for the night, so this tired mommy can have some me time. Just don't forget to ever take time for yourself; to breathe take a step back, everyone needs that know matter what you do for work, or being a stay at home parent. We all need it eventually.



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