Feeling accomplished

Along with my Seashell necklaces and bracelets I really wanted to design earrings as well. Since I am a self taught Jewelry designer and everything that I have learned has all came from my own ideas and lots of trial and error. It was time to put my mind to use and conquer this once and for all. Since I have a love for creating jewelry my mind is just an ever flowing design book of ideas. The design in mind for these earrings was something that I am passionate about and that is weddings/brides, I wanted to make a pair with the idea that a beautiful beach bride could wear on her wedding day, but also make them pretty enough to appeal to anyone or to be able to wear with anything on any day. Once I had the design in mind it was time to to go to work. Well trial and error it was I went through a few of them, drilling shells is tricky as it is but doing it on something a lot smaller and more delicate ads to the practice makes perfect motto. The end result some beautiful earrings that would look good with anything, I was worried at first how people would react so I always share my designs with my friends and family on my FB page, needless to say I haven't even got a chance to list and already two people are having a bidding war over them.  Bottom line yeah I am feeling accomplished and it wont stop there now that I know I can make earrings there is a whole lot of ideas flowing in my head. The good news I have one more section I can add to my Etsy shop and now I can watch it grow even more. Now time to get to work and create even more beautiful designs. Sharing my gifts and what I can do with the world means so much to me and knowing there is someone out there that loves my jewelry makes it so worth it. Here's to all my Beach Goer's, Beach enthusiasts, and Beach beauties. 




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