The inspiration behind it all

I get asked a lot why I love creating Seashell Jewelry and my answer is the same all the time. The beach its my inspiration behind it all. The beach to me is my soul sanctuary its my happy place. That is why I am so grateful my family decided to move to Florida when I was a little girl. I am literally right dab in the center of Florida surrounded by endless beaches and ocean life on both sides of me. This is why I create what I create. I want to wake up to the smell of the ocean and go to bed to the sound of the waves. So it goes hand in hand why I create the type of jewelry I create its my passion that is in my soul and I could not run away from it even if I tried it will always be there to haunt me. When I see seashells I see creation in many forms. From what was once living inside of it to what it can become afterwards. That is where my mind takes me and I flow with that energy its not something I can deny.  



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