Uniquely Me

The one thing I can say is that my products are definitely unique, my brain is just wired to work that way. I had someone today tell me that my Seashell Necklaces were absolutely gorgeous, unique and one of a kind she said I was very talented at what I do and to never give up creating cause I had a very distinct eye for it. Honestly I never thought that would be me, the idea to create stuff to sell on Etsy really did come on a whim, I started with wedding bouquets, memory boxes and ring boxes. Even those products were unique when it came time to creating them. That led me to a whirl wind of uniqueness, the Seashell Necklaces came to fuitation one day when I was drilling some seashells for a custom ring box, that light bulb moment went off and was shinning bright, I was like hmm I am going to try to make some necklaces and that is what led me down this current path. I love being unique that is what sets me apart from everyone else. We all have our own uniqueness lying dormant within us and when we truly want to let it out there is no telling what direction it will lead us. In my heart I know I will never give up this lifestyle it is a part of me and will never leave. Sometimes it happens through trial and error, but if you really and truly want it and believe in your idea you will find a way to make it work. I had to try a few times before I came up with a look and design that was appealing to me and once that happened now I can drill and design seashell jewelry with my eyes closed. Well maybe not I really never tried. If you have an idea that you cant seem to let go of give it a try you never know what will come out of it. Things will usually line up for you in unexpected ways. Carry on and share your ideas with the world, someone out there is looking for what you may be creating. 



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