When Creativity Strikes

It amazes me how there are times I can just go with the flow, get into my space and just design like nothing else, and then there are other times I just have to throw in the towel and walk away for a while. Then I come back and go crazy and cant stop myself. This past week I created four new pieces all in one day; I was super proud of myself cause that rarely happens,  to say I was unstoppable is an understatement, but the one thing I noticed is when I am feeling down that is when I create the best. Unfortunately being someone who does suffer from depression; my all time lows is the best time for me to be artistic. There is a side of me that comes out when I am in this space and it is like something takes over me and I just let it flow through me. I am amazed at how I can do this and other days I cant, I guess I have learned to adjust to this and take it head on when it happens.This is not the only way it happens though I can be inspired by a charm a color scheme I see or just an image will pop into my head, usually when I am trying to go to bed and then I have to jump up to write it down, so I don't loose it and that can go on for hours while I am attempting to sleep. Being artistic is a gift I cant ignore no matter how hard I try, it is a part of me. Being in this space brings me joy and keeps my thoughts at peace. Sometimes I like what I designed so much I don't want to give it up, but that is not why I do this, I choose to do this so I can share my creative side with the world and I love every minute of it. We are all born with gifts so let them shine and share them with the world.



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